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Welcome to KM Associates Int’l. I started my business being mentored by a good friend, who manages the servicing part of our business, and because of my passion for clownfishes, I soon expanded our business to collecting designers. It’s not just a business for us, both my business partner and I love this hobby.

In my opinion, there is no one breeder with the nicest or rarest clownfishes as breeders usually produce some nice clownfishes in every batch, but they never get an entire batch that is nice and with unique patterns. Because I am a passionate designer clownfish collector, I’m always looking for the nicest and rarest clownfishes available.  KM Associates Int’l buys and sells the best from all our different sources so you will have a choice of getting the best from one source. Unlike a breeder, we’re not limited to just one lineage of clownfish where you have to buy a brother/sister pair. You can mix and match from many different breeders to create unrelated pairs if you plan to breed, or just to enjoy. So, we are a collector first, then a dealer. See our Clowns!

Here’s our first pair of Bali AquaRich black picassos we received from Indonesia and it is the best pair we’ve ever gotten in.  A breeder friend is spawning them now, so we hope to see some offsprings available in early 2014. Bali black picassos are very rare as very small numbers are imported… and when they do arrive, USA breeders grabbed them all for their breeding program. Enjoy the video.

KM Associates Int’l also co-owned the oldest living Mystery TieDye/Jawbreaker mushroom colony in the USA today. Our mother is the first offspring of the original Jawbreaker mother that was imported to USA. A good friend purchased the original mother and when she dropped her first baby, he offered the polyp to me. I actually refused it as I was scared to loose a pencil tip size polyp that was so expensive. I referred my son-in-law’s younger brothers to buy some corals from him and their jaws dropped when they saw the mother… the rest is history. We co-owned our mother colony since 2005 and never let go a single polyp until 2012. For over 6 years, we observe our colony grow and morph into various colors. It become apparent in 2012 that finally the colony was large enough to split among the 3 partners and still keep a colony for reselling. When you buy from KM Associates Int’l, you buy from the original Jawbreaker source, which was later renamed Mystery TieDye. See our Shrooms!

If you enjoy information and reading, we tried to include some informative subjects as knowledge is always empowering. We were once known as one of the specialist when it came to needlewheel skimmers and help consult on skimmer performance for startup companies. We included a couple of helpful articles about setting skimmers for optimum performance.

Ed ~aka kmaintl
Owner of KM Associates Int’l 強美