Skimmer Pump Maintenance

Recommended Skimmer Pump Maintenance Interval
With Calcium Reactor, Kalkwasser Reactor and/or 2-Part Dosing:  every 3 to 4 months
With Deltec Fluidized Calcium Reactor:  every 1 to 2 months
Without any of the above:  every 6 to 9 months


Recommended Cleaning Media
Distilled White Vinegar (this is what we use)
Muriatic Acid


1.  Remove skimmer pump from skimmer
2.  Remove impeller and shaft from the pump
3.  Soak just the impeller and shaft separately in a small bowl of 100% vinegar for about an hour.  Do not put anything else in the bowl of vinegar, especially rubber parts, so just the impeller and shaft
4.  At the same time, place the pump in a 5 gal bucket with about 20% warm vinegar solution for about an hour.  Warm tap water is fine to mix with the distilled white vinegar
5.  After an hour, clean the center of the impeller where the shaft inserts into by running a small pump brush or pipe cleaner through the center of the impeller
6.  Pour the bowl of vinegar into the bucket, reassemble the pump and run the pump in the bucket for about an hour
7.  After an hour, use a larger brush to clean inside the impeller chamber, volute & pump cover, and the pump’s outlet.  Use the small pump brush or pipe cleaner and clean out the nipple where the air hose connects to the volute. A drill bit to scrape stubborn buildup works great
8.  Rinse everything in warm water before reassembling, you’re done!


We also recommend that you completely clean your entire skimmer once a year in 20% warm vinegar solution, just like the cleaning you did before you first installed your new skimmer.


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