Helpful Links on Livestock Care

The internet is one of the most powerful information channels today. Knowledge is empowering. These are some of the helpful links I’ve referred my customers to for almost 2 decades. Please email me any website links that would be helpful to others and I’ll include on this page. Ed ~aka kmaintl


If you are local to the SF Bay Area, visit and become part of Bay Area Reefers, our local reef club.  Great speakers at club meetings, special tours, and sponsor promotions.


My favorite has to be the website link to my friend Karen, who has almost everything you want to know about bubbletip anemones. Before you invest in a bubbletip anemone, please check out Karen’s website:
Info on Caring for Bubbletip Anemones – “Karen’s Rose Anemones”

Acclimating Your New Livestock

Quarantine Everything

AquariumFish: A New Drug for Treating Fish Diseases

Coral Care Sheets

Marine Compatibility Chart

History of C-Quest Onyx Percula aka Black Percula


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