Jawbreaker Mushroom & Corals

KM Associates Int’l co-owns the oldest living Mystery TieDye/Jawbreaker mushroom colony in the USA today. Our mother is the first offspring of the original Jawbreaker mother that was imported to USA. We co-owned our mother colony since 2005 and never let go a single polyp until 2012. For over 6 years, we observe our colony grow and morph into various colors. It become apparent in 2012 that finally the colony was large enough to split among the 3 partners and still keep a colony for reselling. When you buy from KM Associates Int’l, you buy from the original Jawbreaker source, which was later renamed Mystery TieDye.

One of our shroom photo actually made it to a ReefBuilders article. It is the bright neon golden orange polyp in very first tank shot. Shroom is owned by and photo taken by our good customer RichieT. Congrats Rich for getting one of your photos into Reefbuilders.

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