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Bali Aquarich Black Picasso Clownfish 05


WYSIWYG-Bali Aquarich Black Picasso Clownfish

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WYSIWYG-Bali Aquarich Black Picasso Clownfish

Extremely difficult to get because very few Bali Aquarich black picassos are imported.  Approximately 2″ and age approximately 18 to 30 months.

This picasso clownfish is bred by Wen-Ping Su of Bali Aquarich in Indonesia, who is becoming the world renowned breeder as he is not only successful with designer clownfishes, but has successfully bred one of the rarest and most difficult angelfishes in captivity, the Clarion angelfish. This is Bali Aquarich renowned Black Picasso Clownfish as they name it, which is a Picasso Percula. This designer clown occurs naturally in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea but is exceptionally rare and most assume that this is where Bali broodstock is from. “Captive raised specimens were created in 2004 with a single wild picasso through selective breeding. They are characterized by two or more of the centrally located irregular white patterns touching, a bright orange body color outlined by thick black edges. As they mature the black coloration develops significantly, filling the orange, between the white patterns.” Bali Aquarich has pride themselves in getting the jet black along with the bright orange and white coloring and crazy insane patterns.  Look on our Facebook for poster of some of Wen-Ping’s nicest black picasso clownfish.