Chloroquine 3@ 20gal doses


Chloroquine Phosphate 60gal dose

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Chloroquine Phosphate 3@ 1.128gm for single dose for 60gal aquarium to 15gm/L solution or 90gal aquarium to 10gm/L solution. 3 separate 20gal doses plus a amber storage dropper bottle. 15gm/L is eradication strength and 10gm/L is preventative strength. Equivalent dosage in milligrams is 60mg per gallon eradication and 40mg per gallon preventative strength.

The main reason why we use CP in our quarantine 24/7 100% of the time as a preventative measure is when disease hits, sometimes I can’t tell the difference until it progresses further. Problem with copper and formalin is both are fine line between correct dosing and overdosing and both causes stress to the clownfishes. Copper cures velvet and ich, but does nothing for brook. Formalin cures brook, but does nothing for velvet. CP takes care of all 3 most common clownfish disease and you can treat long term without ill effects. I highly recommend CP over traditional copper or formalin, which I used for almost 20 years before switching to CP. The main problem I experienced in 30 years in this hobby is when I treat for velvet and it ends up being brook, I could have lost half my clowns already by the time I realize it is brook and switch treatments from copper to formalin.

Nice thing about CP is you can use a piece of live rock as your biological media and CP rarely affects live rock. Afterwards with good rinsing, you can reuse live rock even for reef. You can’t do that with live rock that has been in copper.