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Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have to say that buying from Ed has been one of the most gratifying experiences for someone from far away as I am. Ed has been extremely helpful and one step further in every email we have sent each other.

I know Ed must be tired of reading Thank you's but it's all I can say !!

Once again thank you to all of you for the very positive feedback, and making my decision so easy.


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San Francisco, CA

So we found Ed on Craigslist, he had a posting selling several rare clowns & we decided trying a local breeder was a good option. We could not possibly be happier with our purchase, it was a reasonably priced and extremely informative purchase. Ed was very patient, took his time and explained all the pro's & con's for each of the fish we were looking at. He then took the time to give us all the food options available to us, where the fish came from and how to get them to form a relationship with an Anemone. After we left, we both commented on how much we enjoyed our time with him & he's since followed up with five separate emails, inquiring as to how things with the clown's went.


William - Novato, CA

Ed is great to do business with. He is knowledgeable and followed up to see how I was doing with my product. Thanks Ed!


Albuquerque, NM

What a find! Found ed on Craigslist and glad I did. Ed helped me get a pair of clown fish and the grade of these fish is awesome. Shipping to me in new Mexico and will be buying from him again. Thank you ed.


Vallejo, CA

I ran into Ed by accident. The previous owner of my aquarium had left the receipt for a pump and decided to call KMA after it failed. Not only did Ed go out of his way to help me with the pump, I made a new friend!

Ed can get you some of the best aquarium gear in the bay area. He won't BS you into buying stuff that you don't need. The support that follows is top notch. I would recommend KMA Intl to all my friends.


San Carlos, CA

I met Ed through the Bay Area Reefer's forum. I purchased an ATi BM 160 protein skimmer from Ed and saved a bunch of cash as well as learned exactly how to use and maintain the equipment. Ed is the perfect service provider, reef care educator and equipment guru. He's also just plain nice to work with. Ed's comfortable style of doing business is a complement to his admirable experience level. He knows exactly offer complex instructions in a simple and easy to follow manner. KM Associates Intl. is a great resource and Ed is the kind of person you'd be comfortable inviting into your home to visit.


Wharton, NJ

I have been dealing with Ed at KM for a few years now.The Guy is great guy to deal with and goes really above and beyond any customer service I have ever dealt with in my life.I purchased a ATI BM 160 Skimmer and it does exactly what he told me it would do for my tank.He actually talked me out of a much bigger more expensive skimmer telling me the one I choose was over sized for my 90 gallon reef tank.The Bm 160 has performed perfectly for my tank and water has never been clearer with much less algae as well.I also added a H&S 110 Denitrator and he swears by them and at first I had some trouble tuning it in.But Ed was checking in with me weekly to see how I was doing and when ed did not have the answer he gave me the manufacture direct.After speaking to the guys from H&S I finally got my Nitrates from 5ppm down to 0 which was I was told it would do and has for over 7 months now.I have no Algae almost never have to clean the glass.I have even skipped a month or two on water changes which I know is bad.But still the tank is running perfect could not be happier.He has made my experience much easier to deal with maintenance much easier and actually enjoy the hobby.I just want to thank Ed from the bottom of my heart for all his efforts he puts in for his customers.


Oakland, CA

Ed is much more than a drygoods seller. Whenever I have a question about my tank equipment, I just start up a gmail chat with Ed Lum. He's always very helpful and makes sure he points me in the right direction, even if it's not going to make him any money. I think of him as a friend.

I also like the fact that Ed only sells high-end equipment, including a lot of stuff that's hard to find elsewhere. Whenever I'm serious about upgrading my tank, he's the one to call.


Spokane, WA

I had been in the market for quite some time for a new protein skimmer. I happened to find Ed who gave me the best advice and supplied me with a great skimmer for the money. I ended up with a Bubblemaster 150. He saved me quite a bit of money. He also gave me free shipping which was great since I was working and going to school. Not a huge budget and he understood.
Ed has also helped and talked with me about lighting, acrylic tanks, and other saltwater topics. KMAIntl also helped me pick out a great new light bulb for my aquarium. A double ended HQI 14k Phoenix. He supplied me with gloves to change the bulb. I had no idea a person was supposed to use gloves while changing bulbs. He has helped me so much. He is also now a great friend and I value his friendship as well. Super Company.


Matawan, NJ

Someone on Reef Central recommended Ed to me when I was looking for a new skimmer. I decided to give Ed a call and we talked for about an hour, during which Ed helped me decide on which skimmer would best fit my needs. Ed has helped me anytime I call or email him, anything I need Ed always responds immediately. He has been of great assistance to me, is a pleasure to deal with and extremely knowledgeable. One of the best people I have dealt with in this hobby.


San Francisco, CA

The first time when I just begun the reef hobby, I stumble across Ed. He was really helpful in how I should really start out on the hobby. He gave me many advice on PROS and CONS about equipments and I really thank him for it. Because from my experience, I used to have an cheap equipment and you get for what you paid for. I really recommend him if you were to be looking to buy high-end equipments for cheap and advice on reef tank. He's really generous and helpful in many ways. From his advice my tank is now very colorful and is very lively. Highly recommended.


Littleton, CO

I bought an H&S nitrate reactor from Ed Lum well over a year ago. He had a very good reputation on a reef forum and that's how I found him. He was very helpful in answering any questions I needed before making the purchase. Will not sell you anything you don't need. The reactor is still running like a champ til this day and my fish are all healthy and growing huge. I have also contacted him for help with other issues and he still is more willing to help. He even was willing to help me with issues on a BM 250 skimmer that I bought from someone else. Very knowledgeable and honest. I highly recommend him if anyone is wondering. Wish there were more people like him around in this hobby. And oh yea, he carries top quality products.


Elk Grove, CA

I met Ed from a reference. I was setting my grow out tank and work my water volume up later. I was starting out a 90 gallon total water volume tank and anticipated to get in the neighborhood of about 220 total gallons fully stocked. I went through everything with Ed, broke down what I anticipated. He recommended me the best item for my set up. I have never turned back or went into any resentment. His knowledge of the products he carries as well as characteristics of each is second to none. If you want someone who takes pride in what they do with a passion I cannot recommend any none other than Ed. To top it all off he has great customer service even after I bought the product. I did not even have to go to the vendor or a forum to get my answers, Ed was there to walk me through my questions.


San Francisco, CA

I was in the market looking for a nice skimmer and lighting for my tank and i came across Ed. Everything that i didn't know he helped me answered it all. He knows everything and if don't he will get the answer for you. I will for sure buy from ed again.


San Francisco, CA

Ed is the Best!!! if you are looking an expert in the field and someone who won't sell you what you do not need look no further. HONEST and KNOWLEDGEABLE what more can you ask for. I would not go anywhere else if ED carry the product. I have bought BM160 for my 90 gallon reef and H&S A110 for my 40 gallon. Ed gave me a deal and help me with the set up. he even broke in the skimmers for me so that i don't need to have the waiting period. Now i have a 150 gallon plus 40 gallon sump and have a BM250 sold to me by ED. that thing is a killer skimmer. I also pick up HO T5 lighting end caps and ice cap reflectors from ed. also he is one of the only dealer of ROD food int he bayarea. i know he was the first for sure. thanks ed for all your help.


Monmouth, NJ

I met Ed through members recommendations on Reef Central. I was looking to replace my MTC HSA protein skimmer. We emailed each other back and forth and spoke on the phone as to what would be the best skimmer for my tank. He was very helpful and knowledgable and did not try to sell me what I didn't need. I kept telling him that money was not the primary concern and I wanted the best skimmer for my tank. He on the other hand kept talking me down from the larger skimmer that I thought would be better to something that was better rated for my needs as well as less costly. I then got and H&S A150 External skimmer. Note that I live in NJ and he is in CA and he didn't even expect the sale. He was just giving me advise. I figured how can I buy this elsewhere after all of the advise he gave to me. By the way I purchased a second one from him last year for another tank.


Lafayette, CA

Ed and I first met several years ago when he was interested in acquiring some of the captive bred clownfish and anemones that I raise. During our initial discussions I found him to be very knowledgeable and objective about the hobby, which I attributed to his lengthy experience in the aquarium industry. In particular, I found his insight on premium level hardware - lighting, skimming, fitration - to be especially helpful and interesting.

When I decided to upgrade some of my aquarium hardware, Ed was one of the vendors I contacted for assistance. He was exceptionally helpful, which I found to be particularly impressive given the fact that I ended up buying (in part due to his advice) a piece of hardware from an individual rather than buying the same unti from Ed. Furthermore, when I had an issue with the hardware, Ed readily provided advice and put me in contact with a vendor who could help resolve the situation.

The advice and assistance that Ed provided was first rate, and when it came time for me to get some other hardware (skimmer), Ed was one of the first people I contacted. I ended up buying a skimmer from him as he was very fair on pricing, and given my past experience with his support I knew he would always be there to provide assistance.

If you are in the market for top quality aquarium gear, I strongly encourage you to speak with Ed.


Milbrae, CA

I met Ed Lum through a craiglist ad and his knowledge of the hobby impresed me from the get go. In this hobby you can spend quite a bit of money with the wrong equipment and not to mention bad advice. Ed steers you in the right direction from the get go and will not oversell you with something you don't need. He's the only local distributor of highend equipment such as Deltec and H & S. Although , he does carries bang for your buck equipment such as ati, aquatinics, & hydor.

I'm only sorry I could not give a higher recommendation for KM Associates Int'l !

Jim - Milbrae, CA

Alameda, CA

SUCCESS! After just a couple hours running I could see the volume being pumped dramatically increased - I assume the flap got free. I did the turn on and off thing anyway and left it running for the night. When I hooked it up today it's like a brand new skimmer - foaming like crazy catching up for lost time.

I'm so grateful for you helping me out so my fishes and corals stay happy and I didn't have to spring for a new pump. I will be delighted to point any reefers in the skimmer market your way. I'll pass the word around in the East Bay - we've got lots of reefers over here.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

When I was searching for a new skimmer for my 100 gal SPS reef, Ed from KMA Intl was far the most helpful person I found. Even knowing that he probably will not make a sale due to I live in another country, he provided me one of the best support I have seen in this industry. He was very honest and explained very professionally to me, the pros and cons of each skimmer that I was considering (H&S, BM, Deltec and Elos). He took a lot of his time to help me with my decision. He certainly has a very good knowledge of skimmer equipment and it is evident that he loves his work. I really wish to have him around as main supplier for reef equipments.


Seattle, WA

I was referred to KM Associates Int'l, and to Ed Lum specifically, when I was having problems getting my skimmer to perform optimally. I didn't even buy my skimmer from Ed, but was told that he liked helping people. This is so true. I enjoyed working with Ed very much as he is as knowledgeable as any skimmer expert I've met, plus he's super responsive and nice to talk to. He did troubleshooting with me over the phone and ended up sending me an air valve that solved my problem. Several months later when I decided to upgrade my skimmer I knew I would be buying from Ed. The day I bought my new ATB Conical skimmer he shipped it that same afternoon and I received it 2 days later. Ed has that special combination of outstanding customer service skills and in-depth equipment knowledge. Plus, he sells the top notch German Equipment that I like.


Honolulu, HI

KM Associates Int'l, what can I say that has not been said already. Great service, very reputable (even when asked, guys in Hawaii say, "when Ed speaks, people listen"), and great service. Oops, did I mention that already, I'll mention it again, "great service", their customer service and knowledge bar none. The first time I called Ed, he treated me like I already knew him for years which is a rare trait to come by. I am just getting into the hobby and doing research on H&S skimmers and was directed to KM Associates Int'l. Ed took the time (multitude of emails and hours of phone conversations) to help me out and gave me suggestions on equipment based on my needs. He shares his knowledge base on his years of experience and has no problem sharing when asked. Ed even try to help me look for a RR tank with links from the Hawaii Craigslist listing, now if that's not service, I don't know what is. I ended up purchasing a H&S A150, SLS Tek-light w/bulbs, and some Tunze equipment. He even discounted shipping on every purchase, and living in Hawaii, that's a saving I can appreciate. Ed also gave me a free bulb with my Tek-light (thumbs up). Thanks for the Christmas gift.


Montreal, Canada

Being a member of a lot of different reefing discussion forums, I've encountered many many people who are not really qualify to give advice, but they give out bad helping tips anyways.  But when I got in touch with Ed Lum at KM Associates Int'l via e-mail, it was a great experience!  I received great customer service and good explanations.  Even though I did not purchase my equipment from them, they were more than willing to help me with my questions.  I don't hesitate to recommend Ed and KM Associates Int'l to all my fellow reefers.  With the magic of the internet, it's very easy to communicate with a special good aquarist from the other side of the Continent!  Keep up the good work kmaintl, thanks for all your advice and help!


Houston, TX

Earlier this year, I was looking at upgrading my skimmer equipment.  I did a lot of research on Reef Central and I ended up deciding on an H&S skimmer as it seemed to be the best skimmer upgrade for my saltwater tank.  When I searched RC's Vendor Experience forum for "protein skimmer", trying to see which vendor had the best feedback, this is how I discovered KM Associates Int'l.  There was overwhelming feedback on this company.  I worked with Ed to make my purchase and he's one of the most knowledgeable skimmer vendors that I've contacted.  He really understands all the lines of skimmers that he carries and has used many models within each skimmer line.  After my purchase, I started to see how RC members, from different countries and all over the USA, were contacting them for help.  Even though they may not have purchased their equipment from KM Associates Int'l or was it possible for them to buy from KMA Int'l because they were located internationally, still they receive good knowledgeable advice from Ed.  I started to understand how great their customer service is, even with those who were not their customers.

I have since purchased a 2nd piece of H&S equipment, a denitrator and also a 2nd skimmer, ATi Bubblemaster 160.  Both great pieces of equipment.  I wouldn't hesitate to check with KMA Int'l on any equipment purchase before I look elsewhere.


Saratoga, CA

After two or three phone calls, I knew that Ed Lum of KM Associates Int'l was a very professional technician and would resolve the problems with my reef tank.  He was able to redesign a new sump for me, by coming to my house and checking out the requirements.  After a week, Ed brought the new sump to my home.  He installed a well designed sump and then installed in it, a new protein skimmer (H&S A150), H&S Denitrator, and a Phosban/Carbon Reactor.  The work was a high quality installation and it resolved my problems with too small a sump and too small a protein skimmer for my large 150g tank.  Ed continues to spend a lot of time giving me advice about my tank.  He is immaculate in his work and is the most thorough and thoughtful marine technician I've met.  I highly recommend KM Associates Int'l for the quality of their work in custom marine tank installation and knowledge of marine equipment.  They live quite a distance from my home, but it's worth every penny paying Ed the travel time to come to my home to do a outstanding and artistic installation.  I wouldn't have any other company do a installation for me in the future.  I'm now thinking of a larger tank and I want them to do the work.  High quality, great advice, incredible time and effort spent on me as a customer with artistic and functional work.  My corals and fish in my mixed reef tank are much happier since Ed Lum and the work of KM Associates Int'l.


San Francisco, CA

I have had my marine fish and reef tanks serviced by Ed and his partner for over 8 years now.  Excellent work and reasonable prices.  I haven't had a rate increase since I started my service with them.  Having my tanks regularly serviced allows me time to enjoy them, rather than fuss with the time consuming details.  Also, kmaintl just seem to do a better and quicker job than when I do my own water changes and cleaning.  Over the years, they have taught me so much about equipment, setups and reefkeeping.  Thanks, you guys... you know how much I appreciate you.